Zak Elrite Maximizing Co-Angler Efficiency


Most of us have heard some basic guidelines for maximizing your efficiency on tournament day by pre-rigging, pre-dying, change trebles, etc.  We’ve also developed ways that may be unique to ourselves and our own style.  I know I have!  Still, we all have areas that we may be able to improve upon.  I am fishing both the pro and co-angler side of several events this year and one thing that I’ve focused on is maximizing my co-angler efficiency.   By learning to maximize your time on the water as a co-angler you will be able to make a smooth transition into the Pro side because you’ll have laid the proper groundwork.  Here are some of the ways I prepare for a tournament.

Nutrition and hydration

In the days or weeks leading up to an event, nutrition and hydration play a huge role in how my body will perform while out on the water.  I begin to hydrate my body several days before an event in order to have the proper fluid and electrolyte balance to avoid fatigued throughout the day.  For events which take place during extreme heat, I carry small packets of Pedialyte in which I can add to my water bottle as necessary.  I sweat a lot during events in the summer months and especially events held on desert lakes like Lake Mead, Havasu, and Roosevelt and it is crucial to replace lost electrolytes. Sports drinks are okay but they are also loaded with sugar, which you don’t need.  You can reduce some of this sugar by emptying half of a sports drink into an empty container and mixing them both with water. It will not be as sweet but it’s more than enough to keep you hydrated and keep your taste buds happy.  Furthermore, we bass anglers can burn up to 2500 calories in a day of fishing depending on the conditions during the event and how much we move around.   It’s important to give your body a preview of what’s to come by balancing your diet and eating healthier.  Foods like apples, almonds and chicken are all great snacks and easy to prepare in advance. You’ll need the proper calorie intake during the day to keep your mental focus.  The night prior to a tournament I make sure I have most of my snacks packed or laid out to pack into my tackle bag.  Of course you should always consult your doctor before making any drastic changes to your diet.

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