Kids and Frogs, Two of a Kind


The future of our sport depends on many factors but number one in my opinion is showing our youth the joys of fishing. Recently I took my step daughter and step son to a little local pond to try and catch some bluegill. The next time you take your kids out to fish, here are a few baits to tie on that will produce results and keep them fishing more than untangling line.

My favorite lure to tie on for kids is a crappie jig under a slip bobber. This rig is easy for them to cast and it also produces good results. I always start with each child trying different colors and we usually develop a plan fairly quickly. Line size plays an important role when in clearer water but usually I try to go as heavy as possible. Another productive bait for children is is a float and fly. A simple fly(like a nymph or Woolley bugger) under a clear bobber can really produce great numbers. They may need a little help casting it but once it’s out, an ultra-slow retrieve will bring the smaller fish out to play! My favorite bait (and usually the kids’ favorite) a top water frog! That’s right, a FROG! I love the River2Sea BullyWa45(smallest top water frog available) because of it ease of casting, small size and nearly snag-less design. The kids will often have so much fun casting and working the BullyWa that they won’t notice that time is passing by. I just rig the BullyWa on their small spinning rods with 8-10lb monofilament. They don’t need heavy rods to have fun. The icing on the cake is when the water explodes with a bass trying to engulf the frog!

Try these baits the next time you take your kids out and I can guarantee you’ll all have a blast! Fish or no fish, you can easily turn the trip into a casting contest or a fun learning day regarding working the baits. Get your River2sea baits and all other fishing needs at Coyote Bait and Tackle.