Are you fishing with Skinny Bears…

I just received my late winter/early spring order from Skinny Bear Bass Jigs and man am I EXCITED! In this post Im going to go over some of my favorite products and ways to fish these baits, but only some(more to follow soon). I’ll continue to keep you folks updated but for now let’s go over a couple tried and true techniques! You can purchase them all at Coyote Bait and Tackle!(Stay tuned for special offer from Zak-Attack Fishing)


First and foremost, my favorite, The Signature Jig is a compact jig with a shortly cut silicone rubber skirt that makes the pieces of skirt stick up and come ALIVE! When rigged with a craw trailer this jig gives a great “defensive” look of a craw, especially in semi-stained to clear water. Another one of the Skinny Bear line up is the “The Grizz Broom Jig”. This is a big ‘ol bad boy jig with long rubber strands that I Love to flip in the California Delta! Rig this baby with a craw trailer or a good ‘ol fashioned pork trailer and HANG ON! The heavy duty hooks and durable finish one these jigs will hold for the biggest fish and toughest conditions!


The bottom ‘line’ is, whether you’re at the top of the tournament trail or just getting started in the sport, try these jigs this season. The Signature Jig is the best way to start throwing a jig or to start sizing down if you need a more compact approach. You can cast them out and drag them back in short pulls or make small jerks to bounce the jig off the bottom a few inches at time. Now if you want to break out the big guns and flip some beasts in the boat, then pick up a Grizz Broom Jig in your favorite color and go get ’em! These jigs work best flipped into weed or tule pockets and bounced a few times before pulling out and moving to the next hole. Be sure to go to Coyote Bait and Tackle to see these baits today!

Stay tuned for more on the Skinny Bear line up and how to fish ’em!