Zak-Elrite-2013-WON-Bass-Clear-Lake-Open300pxMy name is Zak Elrite and I am a tournament bass angler. I grew up in the bay area for the majority of my life, with much of my time still being spent in the outdoors, camping and fishing. My grandfather instilled in me the knowledge of the outdoors and the love of fishing from a very young age.  He made sure I had a fishing pole in my hand from day one and I am ever thankful for that.

He and I would fly fish streams, rivers and lakes throughout Northern California every time we had the chance. After graduating High School I began working in the construction trade while attending West Valley Community College.  After a couple years I soon realized two things, my love for the building/woodworking trade and my love for competitive bass fishing.

At the age of 21 I joined a local bass fishing club and fished many club level tournaments for the next several years. During this time I was unknowingly preparing to start my own construction company. This took a lot of my time but I knew it would have to be foundation, or fall back if tournament fishing didn’t work. Finally, After starting my own company and getting it off the ground, I began to focus on achieving my passion, the road towards being a tournament professional.

Today, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others through instruction and fish finding techniques, whether it be bass fishing, fly fishing, or other species. I spend much of my free time, when not fishing, with my family, enjoying this life we’ve been blessed with. Now, more than ever, while building my tournament career by attracting sponsors, competing and spending time on the water, I know that I am where I am meant to be.